Eighteenth meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account


27 February 2018 - 28 February 2018

UNWTO Headquarters

The next meeting of the Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account will take place in UNWTO Headquarters, Madrid (Spain) on 27-28 February 2018.

Further information will be posted on this page soon.

  • The Increasing Relevance of Tourism Statistics in the Era of SDGs
    • How the Committee reinforces UNWTO’s statistical mandate and responsibility as a UN Agency –  Mr. Peter Laimer, Vice Director of the Directorate Spatial Statistics, Statistics Austria and Ms. Clara van der Pol, Coordinator, Statistics, Trends and Policy Programme (agenda item 3.1)
      • UNWTO Report to the United Nations Statistical Commission (doc): TSA and MST as UNWTO’s response to monitor tourism in the SDGs (agenda item 3.1.1)
      • Decisions brought to the Economic and Social Council (doc) (agenda item 3.1.2)
      • Lunchtime Seminar Acciounting and Statistics for Sustainable Tourism (link) (agenda item 3.1.3)
    • Manila Call for Action on Measuring Sustainable Tourism (doc) and UNWTO General Assembly Resolutions (doc) - Mr. Rolando Cañizal, Undersecretary, Department of Tourism, the Philippines (agenda item 3.2)
  • Measuring Sustainable Tourism (MST): A statistical framework to support the assessment and policy of sustainable tourism
    • Updated draft of the Statistical Framework for Measuring Sustainable Tourism (SF-MST) (doc) - Mr. Carl Obst, Consultant, UNWTO (agenda item 4.4)