Yearbook of Tourism Statistics

Understanding, for each country, where its inbound tourism is generated is essential for analyzing international tourism flows and devising marketing strategies, such as those related to the positioning of national markets abroad. The Yearbook focuses on data related to inbound tourism (total arrivals and overnight stays), broken down by country of origin.

Together with the Compendium of Tourism Statistics, it constitutes UNWTO’s main dataset and publication on annual tourism statistics.

Quick overview of contents:

  • Arrivals
    1. Border statistics
    • Table 1. Arrivals of non-resident tourists at national borders
    • Table 2. Arrivals of non-resident visitors at national borders
    1. Statistics on accommodation establishments
    • Table 3. Arrivals of non-resident tourists in hotels and similar establishments
    • Table 4. Arrivals of non-resident tourists in all types of accommodation establishments.
  • Overnight stays
    • Table 5. Overnight stays of non-resident tourists in hotels and similar establishments
    • Table 6. Overnight stays of non-resident tourists in all types of accommodation establishments.

Arrivals data correspond to international visitors entering the economic territory of the country of reference and include both tourists and same-day, non-resident visitors. Overnight stays refers to the number of nights spent by non-resident tourists in accommodation establishments (guests).

Figures are compiled by UNWTO from official sources which may, in turn, obtain data from different sources: border statistics derived from administrative records (police, immigration, traffic counts, and other types of controls), border surveys and registrations at accommodation establishments.

This map shows only for those countries that provided data to UNWTO for the elaboration of the publication Yearbook of Tourism Statistic (2018 Edition). The 2018 edition presents data for 196 countries from 2012 to 2016, with methodological notes in English, French and Spanish.

Disclaimer: The maps elaborated by the World Tourism Organization are for reference only and do not imply any judgment on the legal status of any territory, or any endorsement or acceptance of such boundaries.

The Methodological Notes to the Tourism Statistics Database include conceptual references and technical notes for a better understanding and application of the statistics in this dataset. Available in English, French and Spanish.

How to obtain the data
The Yearbook of Tourism Statistics has grown into a dataset that is disseminated since 1995:

  • as annual printed editions (the 2018 Edition covers the 2012-2016 period) please send an email to:
  • as annual PDF editions through UNWTO’s electronic library, the eLibrary
  • as customized Excel datasheets (for any country and any period between 2012-2016) through UNWTO’s online Tourism Statistics application
  • as Excel datasheets on CD-ROM (for all countries and covering the 1995-2016 or 2012-2016), please send an email to:

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