Outbound tourism data (calculated on the basis of arrivals data in destination countries)

In addition to the Compendium of Tourism Statistics and the Yearbook of Tourism Statistics, and in order to complement the still relatively limited outbound tourism statistics provided directly by countries, UNWTO estimates data for countries’ outbound tourism flows (i.e. tourism of resident visitors outside the economic territory of the country of reference). This is done on the basis of data supplied by each of the destination countries and therefore corresponds to arrivals in these countries (and not to Departures data provided by the country of reference and compiled in the Compendium of Tourism Statistics).

The Methodological Notes to the Tourism Statistics Database include conceptual references and technical notes for a better understanding and application of the statistics in this dataset. Available in English, French and Spanish.

How to obtain the data

  • as customized Excel datasheets (for any country and any period between 1995-2017 or 2013-2017) through UNWTO’s online Tourism Statistics application

Special arrangement to support students and university researchers.