Workshop on Measuring the economic impact of tourism in Europe: the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA)


29 November 2017 - 30 November 2017

European Commission Building

Jointly organized by UNWTO and the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) and in collaboration with Eurostat


The economic importance of tourism in the European Union is increasingly recognized and better understood, thanks in part to the development of the Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) in European countries. The TSA brings together data on tourism and on the economy to present the contribution of tourism in e.g. Gross Value Added, Gross Domestic Product and employment. These can then be compared to economic aggregates for other sectors like agriculture, mining or financial services.

Developing TSA is beyond a technical exercise also very much a strategic endeavor and linked to considerations of the tourism policy. This helps explains why, despite the fact Europe boasts some of the most statistically advanced countries in the world, it remains a challenge in many European countries to develop their TSAs—certainly to the level of sophistication that data users might like and, equally important, to keep it running.


The Workshop aims to bring policy makers (data users) and tourism statisticians and TSA compilers (data producers) to uncover the main elements for successful TSA implementation. This will range from technical requirements to institutional arrangements and political leadership.


The Workshop will comprise 2 parts. The first will be geared at the strategic aspects of TSA development, including the uses and benefits of TSA, and to facilitate an exchange between policy and technicians across the various national entities engaged with tourism and in TSA compilation. The second part will be geared at a more technical training for TSA development, including the core data (sources) necessary to set up TSA tables and experiences on how to tackle common or particularly challenging issues. Countries will be encouraged to share experiences and the experts will share some of the main lessons learnt from TSA development worldwide. Download Preliminary Programme.

Target participants

The target group includes policy makers, managers and technical staff (statisticians) from the National Tourism Administration, the National Statistics Office (as producers of basic statistics and compilers of National Accounts), the Central Bank (as Balance of Payment compilers and the importance of tourism as an internationally traded service) and other entities as deemed relevant. Further more information please contact

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