4th International Conference on Sub-National Measurement and Economic Analysis of Tourism: Towards a Set of UNWTO Guidelines - MOVE2015


18 November 2015 - 20 November 2015

San Juan
Puerto Rico

The conference was organized by Puerto Rico Tourism Authority, within the conceptual framework of INRouTe and in collaboration with the UNWTO and CICtourGUNE.

This 4th edition of MOVE international conferences presented a sneak preview of the set of general guidelines on Measurement and Economic Analysis of Tourism at Sub-National levels that UNWTO will submit it to a worldwide consultation along 2016.

Therefore, the participants of MOVE2015, have been among the first professionals to have discussed these guidelines with international key experts and UNWTO, righ before the worlwide consultation is launched.

MOVE2015 conference themes:

  1. Tourism and Territory: taking sub-national tourism seriously
    • Territorial planning and tourism
    • Setting up the conceptual design of a Regional Tourism Information System (R-TIS)
    • Operationalizing the measurement of tourism destination for comparability purposes
  1. Tourism and the environmental dimension: the complexity of operationalizing a policy concept such as sustainable tourism
    • Tourism in the conceptual framework of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) international standard
    • Tourism and other dimensions of sustainable development: a statistical insight
    • Adapting a R-TIS to sub-regional extensions to the UN proposed Ecosystem Approach to Environmental Economic Accounting
  1. TSA as the foundation for a Regional TSA (R-TSA): measurement and economic analysis at sub-national levels
    • Complexity of the sub-national measurement of tourism
    • ¨Significance¨ and ¨Scalability¨ as key concepts for measuring tourism at sub-national levels
    • Setting up a R-TSA:
      • Recommended principles
      • Governance structure for a statistical project
      • Feasibility study

For more information please visit the Conference Website.

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