Session 3. Employment: a Key Aspect of the Social Dimension of Sustainable Tourism


22 June 2017

Marriott Grand Ballroom

The MST initiative considers the three dimensions of sustainability (environmental, economic and social). This session will address employment as a key consideration of the social dimension and highlight how these data and the important cultural aspects of tourism may be incorporated to provide an integrated data view.
Central paper: Employment, Green Jobs and Sustainable Tourism, presented by Mr. Igor Chernyshev, ILO/UNWTO consultant (summary) (doc) (ppt)
Moderator: Mr. Rafael Diez de Medina, Chief Statistician and Director, Department of Statistics, ILO
  • Mr. Ma yiliang, Head of Tourism Statistics, CNTA Tourism Data Center and China Tourism Academy, China: “The Measurable Contribution by Tourism to Employment and Poverty Alleviation in China” (summary)
  • Ms. Roxana Arguedas, Information Administration, Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, Costa Rica: “Social Progress Index in Tourism Destinations in Costa Rica” (summary) (ppt)
  • Ms. Chen Xu, Cardiff Business School: "Linking Tourism Satellite Accounts and Economic Development: The Role of Social, Labour and Capital Accounting" (summary) (ppt)
  • Mr. Vincent Nijs, Research Project Manager, VisitFlanders (Belgium): “Learnings from ‘Resident Attitudes towards Tourism’ for Tourism City Management Activities” (summary) (ppt)
  • Mr. Christophe Demunter, Tourism Statistics Section, European Commission (EUROSTAT): "Tourism Contribution to EU Labour Markets" (summary) (ppt)

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