Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework (TSA:RMF 2008) - Compilation Guide

In March of 2017, the UN Statistical Commission agreed with the UNWTO proposal to prepare a Compilation Guide for the Tourism Satellite Account under the supervision of the Committee on Statistics and TSA of the UNWTO. This guide should support countries in producing a TSA and to derive TSA indicators such as Tourism Direct GDP or employment related to tourism.

The Compilation Guide for the Tourism Satellite Account 2008 (CG-TSA) will be the companion to the international recommendations contained in Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework 2008. It will be based on the Canadian Tourism Satellite Account Handbook (2007), the European Implementation Manual on TSA (2001), and the Eurostat TSA in the European Union, Volumes I, II and III (2009). In addition, the guide will make reference to the UN technical report on “a Systems Approach to National Accounts Compilation” (1999).

The Compilation Guide for the TSA would be structured as follows:

Chapter 1 Introduction
The introduction will explain the purpose of the Guide, including the target audience and the expected use, and will also explain the various roles of the Tourism Satellite Account.
Chapter 2 Framework of the TSA 2008
Chapter 2 will explain the Tourism Satellite Account with reference to the 2008 recommended methodological framework.
Chapter 3 Data sources
This chapter will review the different data sources that could be used for the demand and supply side to compile the recommended tables. The chapter will also discuss how to evaluate the different data sources and their feasibility for the TSA compilation, taking into account timing, geographical and statistical scope.
Chapter 4 National Accounts data for the TSA
The Tourism Satellite Account should be compiled in full alignment with the National Accounts.
Chapter 5 Compilation methods for the TSA tables
This chapter gives practical guide as to how to compile the TSA tables. The methodology discussed in the chapter may be of three kinds: top-down, bottom-up and a mixed approach, depending on the available data as discussed in chapter 3, as well as on a case by case basis. Particular attention will be paid to the following issues: estimation methods -- particularly for coverage issues, diversion from definitions used in the guiding frameworks (SNA 2008), specific issues while compiling (selected) tables and indicators on sub-regional level, and how to deal with seasonality.
Chapter 6 Dissemination of TSA table and indicators
This chapter discusses the dissemination of TSA tables and indicators, including the Sustainable Development Goal indicators. This chapter also covers references to the linking of the Tourism Satellite Accounts to the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts.
Chapter 7 Quality management
This chapter provides guidance on quality management and quality reporting bearing in mind the compliance with the recommendations of the methodological frameworks: SNA 2008 and TSA 2008. It will contain the main elements of reporting within a quality assurance framework and will include a number of country practices.


Expert Group on Compilation Guide for Tourism Satellite Account

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), with the support of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), are setting up an Expert Group on Tourism Satellite Account to lead the development of the Compilation Guide.

The group will collect and review existing supporting materials, collect country practices and draft text for the Guide.

The first meeting of the Expert Group on Compilation Guide for Tourism Satellite Account was hold in UNWTO Headquarters, Madrid (Spain) on 25 February 2019.